The return of the DAEMONS!

Every year we at Walhalla anxiously anticipate the winter months, when our limited DAEMON series emerges from the brewery. Big beers that jump you from the darkest corners of your imagination and scare your taste buds into submission. These monsters don’t respect tradition and conventional wisdom! In the coming months 3 different releases will take place, without warning. Have you looked under your bed yet?

Oh no! It’s KRAMPUS! The seventh Daemon hails from Central Europe, where he is the scary sidekick to Sinterklaas. Naughty children will be carried off in his pouch, whence they are never seen or heard from again. This imperial stout is black as night and heavy in flavor. We added roasted coffee beans and vanilla pods to lure you in with seductive aromas, before the heavy roast and 11,5 % knocks you out. Tuck your kids in extra tight, for KRAMPUS is out tonight….